About Us


We are professional Dstv Skill Technicians with 10 years experience in the field. We do Communal Systems Set up,Televison Wall Mountain,LCD Bracket,Surround Systems,Dish Installations and CCTV installations.We cover the whole Gauteng Province and Pretoria as well.Our trained technicians will help to make you desires.We guarantee you the best service than ever before.



We accredited technicians of satellite and Installations.Our skilled technicians are able to install decorders,help your programme remotes and repairs,wiring satellite dishes and range of other equipments.We can supply equipment and cabling hardware.Whether you require a satellite relocation service or multiview installation,our team will provide efficient solution.Our prices are agreed upfront.We seek to establish long term relationship with satisfied customers.We pride ourselves on having the capability to satisfy the needs of any client from basic equipment implementations to large scale bespoke systems.We are available Saturdays and sundays at no extra costs.We are committed to our job and provide the best and our work is guaranted.




We provide same day services around Gauteng and Pretoria as well.We use trained and experience Dstv technicians who are familiar in your areas and use the best products on the market.Our technicians are clean and will leave your house as good as they found it.We beat any qoute from any other installers.


These are some Dstv services that we offer;

* Dstv Repairs to Faulty Signal,E48 errors

* T.V Mounting and Home theatre Setups
* Faulty LNB and damaged cables
* Dstv Rellocation when you move from one house to another.
* Extra View or Dual View Setups
* Upgrades from HD decorder to Explora
* ExtraView Alert Problems,Tv link and blasters not working and all other Dstv Installations.
* HD distribution to multiple points of the house
* Dstv Installations in Restaurants,Lodges,Hotels and Complexs
* Dstv Explora new Installations and upgrades
* CCTV Installations for your security